Aroma and flavor under control We maximize the quality control by eliminating in a controlled way the excess of humidity to achieve the formation of aroma and flavor with export quality. RENEWING COCOA TREES Before the end of 2020, 80 manzanas of cocoa will be renewed in the same number of farms located in Matiguás and Rio Blanco. CHOCOLATE...
The contribution of our women
The idea of manufacturing chocolates began in 2010 with trainings aimed exclusively at female members, wives and daughters of partners.

What are we doing?

We are competitive people and we are constantly renewing our work with a focus on excellence.

“Cocoa unites families, unites communities, unites countries and unites continents, that is why we value our organization, La Campesina has allowed us to reach beyond our borders.”

Silverio Arauz Soza – President Cooperative La Campesina

The Cerro Musún Natural Reserve

The cradle of our cocoa… this is the story of a piece of chocolate

20 years committed to strengthening the small producer.

The benefits of cocoa have motivated the partners to produce with great quality, so the producer has been technified in the entire process of cultivation, from the maintenance of each plot, fermentation and drying to the transformation of delicious chocolates and Mussy chocolate bars that every day are gaining more prestige and demand nationally.


We are focused on maintaining our performance standards with healthy plantations that are permanently supervised by a technical team with extensive experience in handling cocoa. We guarantee that the activities of shade regulation, pest and disease control are carried out under strict compliance with Good Agricultural Practices that allow us to maintain the certifications in force.


We have a training portfolio with topics ranging from the selection of genetic materials to the transformation of cocoa products and by-products. These trainings allow us to expand our portfolio of services and encourage us to continue professionalizing our team in business development issues.


With our Mussy brand we take a step further in the cocoa value chain and create new employment opportunities, especially for the women in our communities. With the production and commercialization of chocolates, bars, cocoa paste and chocolate coating, we open doors in the national market. We are proud of the quality achieved by our products which have won awards at national fairs and events.

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